Common flea beetles of North Dakota
Gerald M. Fauske


Flea beetles (Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) are medium to small beetles recognizable in the field by their ability to jump.  Their enlarged hind femur with internal 'spring' mechanism is characteristic of the group-- although similar structures occur elsewhere in the Leaf Beetles (Chrysomelidae).  

The following identification key and accompanying photo gallery cover 46 of the 60 species of flea beetles occurring in North Dakota. Species included are those expected to be found in general insect surveys or in crop land situations. The remaining 22 species are each known from fewer than 10 collection records in the state.

The key is composed of a series of statements in apposition, each pair of statements is termed a 'couplet.' By choosing the statement from each couplet that best describes your beetle you will be directed to the next pair of statements. By progressing through each couplet, the list of possible species is narrowed until only one choice remains- your beetle. Statements are so constructed that species not included in the key will at some point not fit either alternative of a couplet (obviously, this type of negative result could be obtained by making an incorrect choice for a species which is included). Each species of flea beetle is pictured. Most morphological characters are illustrated. Names obtained from the key can then be referenced on the web for further information.

List of Common Flea Beetles of North Dakota

Identification Key to Flea Beetles

Flea Beetle Photo Gallery




Flea Beetles of North Dakota (2003)

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