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Orthoptera of the Northern Great Plains


List of Orthoptera of North Dakota

    All Orthoptera recorded from North Dakota are listed below, as this web site develops, each species will be linked to individual species pages which contain characters for identification, a range map for the Dakota, and images of adults and nymphs.  As of this writing, most of the Caelifera is so treated, the Ensifera portion is still being formulated.  About the range maps: counties shaded with dark blue represent specimen records that can be traced to specimens in the NDSIRC or SMIC insect collections.  Pale blue shadings are based upon literature records only.  These records have not all been examined, the majority of specimens for these records are at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, or are housed in at the U.S. National Museum, (Smithsonian), Washington, D.C. 


Order Orthoptera

Suborder Ensifera

Family Stenopelmatidae

Stenopelmatus fuscus Haldeman

Jerusalem cricket

Family Rhaphidophoridae

Tachycines asynamorus Adelung

Greenhouse stone cricket

Ceuthophilus pallescens Bruner

Pale camel cricket

Ceuthophilus maculatus (Harris)

Spotted camel cricket

Ceuthophilus pallidus (Thomas)

Pallid camel cricket

Ceuthophilus fusciformis Scudder

Fusiform camel cricket

Ceuthophilus alpinus Scudder

Alpine camel cricket

Udeopsylla robusta (Haldeman)

Robust camel cricket

Daihinia brevipes Haldeman

Great Plains camel cricket

Family Tettigoniidae

Anabrus simplex Haldeman

Mormon cricket

Pterophylla camellifolia (Fabricius)


Scudderia septentrionalis (Serville)

Northern bush-katydid

Scudderia pistillata (Brunner von Wattenwyl)

Broad-winged bush-katydid

Scudderia furcata (Brunner von Wattenwyl)

Fork-tailed bush-katydid

Scudderia texensis (Saussure & Pictet)

Texas bush-katydid

Amblycorypha oblongifolia (DeGeer)

Oblong-winged leaf-katydid

Neoconocephalus ensiger (Harris)

Cone-headed grasshopper

Orchelimum vulgare Harris

Common conehead

Orchelimum gladiator Bruner

Gladiator conehead

Orchelimum delicatum Bruner

Delicate conehead

Orchelimum concinnum Scudder

Stripe-faced conehead

Orchelimum campestre Blatchley

Dusky-faced conehead

Conocephalus fasciatus (DeGeer)

Slender conehead

Conocephalus brevipennis (Scudder)

Short-winged conehead

Conocephalus strictus (Scudder)

Straight-lanced conehead

Conocephalus nigropleurum (Bruner)

Black-sided conehead

Conocephalus saltans (Scudder)

Prairie conehead

Family Gryllidae

Gryllus pennsylvanicus Burmeister

Northern field cricket

Gryllus veletis (Alexander & Bigelow)

Spring field cricket

Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus)

House cricket

Allonemobius fasciatus (DeGeer)

Striped ground cricket

Allonemobius allardi (Alexander & Thomas)

Allard ground cricket

Allonemobius griseus (E. M. Walker)

Gray ground cricket

Eunemobius carolinus (Scudder)

Carolina ground cricket

Oecanthus fultoni T. J. Walker

Fulton tree cricket

Oecanthus nigricornis F. Walker

Black-horned tree cricket

Oecanthus quadripunctatus Beutenmüller

Four-spotted tree cricket

Oecanthus argentinus Saussure

Prairie tree cricket

Family Gryllotalpidae

Neocurtilla hexidactyla (Perty)

Northern mole cricket

Suborder Caelifera

Family Tridactylidae

Neotridactylus apicicialis (Say)

Pygmy mole cricket

Family Tetrigidae

Tetrix subulata (Linnaeus)

Granlated pygmy grasshopper

Tetrix brunnerii (Bolivar)

Brunner pygmy grasshopper

Tetrix arenosa Burmeister

Obscure pygmy grasshopper

Tetrix ornata (Say)

Ornate pygmy grasshopper

Tettigidea lateralis (Say)

Black-sided pygmy grasshopper

Family Romaleidae

Brachystola magna (Girard)

Plains lubber grasshopper

Family Acrididae

    Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae

Schistocerca emarginata (Scudder)

Prairie bird-locust

    Subfamily Melanoplinae

Dactylotum bicolor Charpentier

Rainbow grasshopper

Hesperotettix viridis (Thomas)

Snakeweed grasshopper

Hesperotettix speciosus (Scudder)

Marshelder grasshopper

Aeoloplides turnbulli (Thomas)

Russian-thistle grasshopper

Hyphchlora alba (Dodge)

Cudweed/ Sage grasshopper

Phoetaliotes nebrascensis (Thomas)

Large-headed grasshopper

Melanoplus bivittatus (Say)

Two-striped grasshopper

Melanoplus differentialis (Thomas)

Differential grasshopper

Melanoplus dawsoni (Scudder)

Dawson grasshopper

Melanoplus gladstoni Scudder

Gladston grasshopper

Melanoplus femurrubrum (DeGeer)

Red-legged grasshopper

Melanoplus borealis (Fieber)

Northern grasshopper

Melanoplus sanguinipes (Fabricius)

Migratory grasshopper

Melanoplus spretus (Walsh)

Rocky mountain locust

Melanoplus bruneri Scudder

Brunner spur-throated grasshopper

Melanoplus infantilis Scudder

Little spur-throated grasshopper

Melanoplus punctulatus Scudder

Grizzled grasshopper

Melanoplus lakinus Scudder Lakin grasshopper

Melanoplus occidentalis (Thomas)

Flabellate grasshopper

Melanoplus fasciatus (Walker)

Huckleberry grasshopper

Melanoplus confusus Scudder

Pasture grasshopper

Melanoplus keeleri (Thomas)

Keeler grasshopper

Melanoplus foedus Scudder

Federal grasshopper

Melanoplus packardii Scudder

Packard grasshopper

Melanoplus angustipennis (Dodge)

Narrow-winged grasshopper

Melanoplus flavidus Scudder

Yellowish grasshopper

Melanoplus bowditchi Scudder

Sagebrush grasshopper

    Subfamily Gomphocerinae

Mermiria bivittata (Serville)

Two-striped toothpick (slant-face) grasshopper

Mermiria picta (F. Walker)

Painted toothpick grasshopper

Pseudopomala brachyptera (Scudder)

Short-winged toothpick grasshopper

Acrolophitus hirtipes (Say)

Green fool grasshopper

Chloealtis conspersa (Harris)

Sprinkled grasshopper

Chloealtis abdominalis (Thomas)

Cow grasshopper

Chorthippus curtipennis (Harris)

Meadow grasshopper

Stenobothrus brunneus (Thomas)

Brunner slant-faced grasshopper

Aeropedellus clavatus (Thomas)

Club-horned grasshopper

Phlibostroma quadrimaculatus (Thomas)

Four-spotted grasshopper

Eritettix simplex (Scudder)

Velvet-striped grasshopper

Opeia obscura (Thomas)

Obscure grasshopper

Amphitornus coloradus (Thomas)

Striped grasshopper

Cordillacris occipitalis (Thomas)

Spotted-winged grasshopper

Cordillacris crenulata (Bruner)

Crenulate-winged grasshopper

Psoloessa delicatula (Scudder)

Brown-spotted grasshopper

Ageneotettix deorum Scudder

White-whiskered grasshopper

Aulocara elliotti (Thomas)

Big-headed / Elliott grasshopper

Aulocara femoratum (Scudder)

White-crossed grasshopper

Boopedon nubilum (Say)

Ebony grasshopper

Orphulella pelidna (Burmeister)

Chromatic pasture grasshopper

Orphulella speciosa (Scudder)

Showy pasture grasshopper

Stethophyma gracile (Scudder)

Northern sedge grasshopper

    Subfamily Oedipodinae

Arphia conspersa Scudder

Speckle-winged grasshopper

Arphia pseudonietana (Thomas)

Red-winged grasshopper

Chortophaga viridifasciata (DeGeer)

Green-striped grasshopper

Encoptolophus sordidus (Burmeister)

Eastern clouded grasshopper

Encoptolophus costalis Scudder

Dusky/ Western clouded grasshopper

Hippiscus ocelote (Saussure)

Wrinkled grasshopper

Pardalophora apiculata (Harris)

Coral-winged grasshopper

Pardalophora haldemani (Scudder)

Haldeman grasshopper

Xanthippus corallipes (Haldeman)

Red-shanked grasshopper

Xanthippus montanus (Thomas)

Pink-shanked grasshopper

Cratypedes neglectus (Thomas)

Powerful range grasshopper

Hadrotettix trifasciatus (Say)

Three-banded grasshopper

Camnula pellucida (Scudder)

Clear-winged grasshopper

Spharagemon collare (Scudder)

Mottled sand grasshopper

Spharagemon bolli Scudder

Boll grasshopper

Spharagemon equale (Say)

Orange-legged/Barren-ground grasshopper

Spharagemon campestris (McNeill)

Campestral grasshopper

Dissosteira carolina (Linnaeus)

Carolina locust

Dissosteira longipennis (Thomas)

High plains grasshopper

Trimerotropis agrestis (McNeill)

Toothed slender (field) grasshopper

Trimerotropis latifasciata Scudder

Broad-banded grasshopper

Trimerotropis pistrinaria Saussure

Milk-vetch grasshopper

Trimerotropis cincta (Thomas)

Stripe-legged/ Band-faced grasshopper

Trimerotropis diversellus Hebard

Geyser grasshopper

Trimerotropis sparsa (Thomas)

Great basin/ Azure-winged grasshopper

Trimerotropis gracilis (McNeill)

Slender grasshopper

Circotettix rabula Rehn & Hebard

Wrangler grasshopper

Circotettix carlineanus (Thomas)

Snapper grasshopper

Psinidia fenestralis (Serville)

Long-horned/ Flat-horned grasshopper

Trachyrachys kiowa (Thomas)

Kiowa (range) grasshopper

Metator pardalinus (Saussure)

Blue-legged/ Spotted grasshopper

Mestobregma plattei (Thomas)

Platte range grasshopper

Derotmema haydeni (Thomas)

Hayden grasshopper


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