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Orthoptera of the Northern Great Plains


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    Anatomy of a grasshopper
    Head, Thorax [pronotum, legs, wings], Abdomen
    Distinguishing nymphs from adults
    Distinguishing males from females

Suborders of Orthoptera
    Caelifera, Ensifera

Key to the Orthoptera of the Dakotas
Caelifera: Romalaeidae, Acrididae, Tetrigidae, Tridactylidae
    Acrididae: Cyrtacanthacridinae, Melanoplinae, Gomphocerinae, Oedipodinae
        Melanoplinae: Blue or Purple-striped hoppers, Painted hoppers
            Short-winged hoppers I, Short-winged hoppers II, ‘Booted" hoppers,
            Sway-backed hoppers, ‘Spatulate’ hoppers, Red-shank hoppers,
            Blue-shank hoppers, Little grasshoppers.
        Gomphocerinae: Toothpick hoppers, Ridge-headed hoppers
            Window-winged hoppers, Black-knee hoppers
            Rare black-knee hoppers, Thick legged hoppers, Patch-legged hoppers
            Small toothpick hoppers, Odd ones out
        Oedipodinae: Black-winged locusts, Flash-pattern locusts
            Clear-winged locusts, Big-eyed locusts, Blotch-wing locusts,
            Orange-shank locusts, Crackling locusts, High crested hoppers

Ensifera: Tettigoniidae, Gryllotalpidae, Gryllidae, Rhaphidophoridae, Stenopelmatidae
    Tettigoniidae: Shield-backed crickets, Large cone-headed grasshoppers,
            Small cone-headed grasshoppers, Katydids.
     Gryllidae: Field and house crickets, Ground crickets, Tree crickets.
    Gryllotalpidae:  mole crickets
    Rhaphidophoridae:  camel crickets
    Stenopelmatidae:  sand crickets

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