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A Key to the superfamilies of the Lepidoptera
with special reference to North and South Dakota


3(1'). Forewing and hindwing similar in shape and venation, Rs with four branches on both wings, proboscis almost always absent (mouthparts mandibulate in some families not known from the Dakotas).  Go to 4*

Homoneurous venation of a hepialid

3.' F/hws dissimilar in shape and venation, Rs with at least 2 branches (usually 4 or 5) on the forewing and a single branch on the hindwing. (See also 3", below)  Go to 5  


Heteroneurous venation of a cossid. Heteroneurous venation of a saturniid.


3." F/hws atrophied and non-functional or absent  Go to 18.



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Last updated: 06/20/07

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