Family Arctiidae: Tiger/Footman/Wasp moths

Diagnosis: Hw with Sc+R and S fused for about 1/3 length of discal cell, occasionally completely fused, or only fused for 1/4 length of cell; almost always with either fore coxae, ptagiae, or abdomen orange or red and contrasting with color of dorsal thorax; meta-thoracic tympanum normally present and open posterio-dorsad; meta-thorax with tymbal organs appearing as a striated band on katepisternum (sclerite immediately above the metacoxa anteriorly.  So far as known, females possess dorsal eversible pheromone glands on the last abdominal segment.

Diversity: Worldwide 11,000 species in three subfamilies; North America at least 250 species; 66 are known from the Dakotas.

Checklist numbers: 8033- 8040, 8043- 8101, 8104.1- 8288.

Biology: Larvae on forbs and grasses, a few species on woody plants, some lichenophiles; larvae usually ‘fuzzy,’ only one tribe has markedly elongate 'tussocks' in addition to verucae and so resembles larvae of the Lymantriidae and a few Noctuidae: Acronictinae.  Adults normally aposematically colored and distasteful to vertebrate predators. One subfamily is comprised of wasp mimics.

Notes:  According to Kitching and Rawlins (1999), the subfamilial and tribal classification as presented in Hodges et al (1983) for North America, in part represents some paraphyletic (un-natural) groups and clusters of genera rather than a distinct phyletic group in every case.  Consequently, these authors would demote the traditional subfamilies Pericopinae and Ctenuchinae to tribes.  Under this scheme, the resident North Dakota species then fall into two subfamilies: Lithosiinae and Arctiinae.

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