Moths of North Dakota


Family Cosmopterigidae: Cosmopterigids

Diagnosis: Proboscis scale covered at base; fw with veins CuA1 and CuA2 arising separate from discal cell and directed from origin to outer margin, CuP absent; hw outer margin straight to evenly rounded; tibial epiphysis often very large, covering half of fore tibial ventral surface; abdomen without spiniform setae.

Diversity: Worldwide three subfamilies, 106 genera, and at least 1,628 species; North America 26 genera and at least 180 species; as yet only nine species have been recorded from the Dakotas.

Checklist numbers: 1466- 1645.

Biology: diverse habits– bark and leaf miners, seed borers, gall makers, scavengers, one genus parasitic on armored scale insects.


moth image

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