Moths of North Dakota


Family Gelechiidae: Gelechiids

Diagnosis: Proboscis scale covered at base; fw Rs4 ends at outer margin; CuP absent: hw trapezoidal with acute apex and usually concave outer margin.

Diversity: Worldwide three subfamilies, 507 genera and more than 4,530 species; in North America 90 genera and more than 760 species have been described; as yet only 16 species have been documented from the Dakotas.

Checklist numbers: 1681- 2310.

Biology: Larvae are leaf rollers, leaf/needle/ stem miners, seed/stem borers or gall makers. Many species of economic importance including: Pink bollworm, Angomois grain moth, Juniper webworm, Palmerworm, and Potato tuber worm.


moth image

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