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Family Notodontidae: Prominents

Diagnosis: fw venation trifid; f/hw with differing patterns, fw pattern often simplified or modified into lateral shades or fasciae; meta-thoracic tympanum present (often hidden in the vestiture) and oriented ventrad.

Diversity: Worldwide there are nine subfamilies and 3,500 species; North America has five subfamilies and 137 species; 41 species occur in North Dakota.

Checklist numbers: 7895- 8032.

Biology: Larvae are arboreal foliage feeders, some Old World species build communal nests and larvae travel in lines to and from feeding sites– processionary caterpillars. The family name derives from the tuft of scales found midway along the inner margin of the fw in the nominate subfamily; the tuft is an upward ‘tooth’ when the wings are folded.  A few economic species: Yellow-necked caterpillar, Unicorn caterpillar, Variable oak leaf caterpillar etc.

Key to the Notodontidae of the Dakotas.

Specimen data for Notodontidae imaged on this website.



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