Moths of North Dakota


Family Saturniidae: Giant silk moths

Diagnosis: Mouthparts vestigial; fw venation trifid; fws without retinaculum, hws without frenulum; f/and or hw with large ocellate or cresentic discal spots (reniform spots).

Diversity: Worldwide nine subfamilies, 165 genera and 1,480 species; North America has three subfamilies, 19 genera and 72 species; three subfamilies, 8 genera and 10 species occur in the Dakotas.

Checklist numbers: 7704- 7770.

Biology: Larvae are foliage feeders on woody plants, some species oligophagous, others polyphagous (have a wide range of host plants). Winter is passed in a tough cocoon anchored to a branch or in leaf litter. Some species have multi-year life cycles, overwintering as eggs or partially grown larvae. Larger species may have normal population densities as low as 2 per km2.


moth image

moth image

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