Moths of North Dakota


Family Sesiidae: Clearwing moths

Diagnosis: facies wasp-like; antennae weakly clavate; CuA1/2 arising from end of discal cell.

Diversity: Worldwide two subfamilies, 123 genera and at least 1,123 species; North America has 20 genera and (also) 123 species; Nine species are known from the Dakotas.

Checklist numbers: 2512- 2626.

Biology: The synthesis of sex pheromones of these moths has revolutionized collecting in that previously, less common species were rarely collected, and then, never in series necessary for comparative study. Larvae are stem and root borers. Pupae can be found extruded from exit holes in the host plant. Adults frequent flowers where the mimetic resemblance to wasps (even to abdominal movement imitating stinging) is remarkable. Economically important species include: Ash borer, Peach tree borer, and Squash vine borer.


moth image

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