Moths of North Dakota


Family Tortricidae: Leaf rollers/ Bell moths

Diagnosis: Ocelli present; proboscis without scales; frons with dorsal scales directed downward and ventral scales directed upward; fw rectangular, with Rs4 running to outer margin, CuA2 originating from cubital stem at about 1/3 distance from base of cell; thorax and abdomen without tympanal organs.

Diversity: Worldwide the three subfamilies are divided into 21 tribes, 685 genera, and 6,113+ species; North America has at least 10 tribes, 100 genera and 2,170 species; At present, 118 species have been identified from the Dakotas.

Checklist numbers: 2701- 3863.

Biology: Various groups are leaf tiers, needle miners, stem borers, flower, bud or seed feeders. Many species are of economic importance, consequently, more than 70 species have been given common names, including: Codling moth, Spruce budworm, Ugly nest caterpillar, and Banded sunflower moth.


moth image

moth image

moth image

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