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D.  Anatomy of the head 2.
        Head structures.


Left: head of Yponomeutid, lacking most of the structures (ocellus, hairy or lashed eyes, antennal pectin, eye cap, long maxillary palpus, scaled proboscis) illustrated in the remaining diagrams. Right: head of choreutid, compound eye and ocellus indicated by blue and green arrows, respectively.

Left: compound eye of hadenine noctuid showing hair between facets; right: head of plusiine noctuid, arrow indicates lashes.

Left: enlarged scale covered scape of blastobasine antenna termed an eye cap; right: long scale fringe from antennal scape termed a pectin.

Left: head of plutellid showing long labial palpus and shorter maxillary palpus indicated by green and blue arrows, respectively; 
right: head of tineid, arrow indicates folded maxillary palpus.

Left: head of psychid showing absent and greatly atrophied palpi, right: head of cosmopterigid, arrow indicates elongate upturned labial palpus.

Left: head of arctiine, arrow indicates well developed 'normal' proboscis; right: head of noctuinae noctuid, arrow indicates atrophied proboscis.

Left: head of noctuine noctuid, arrow indicates proboscis without scales; right: head of phycitine pyralid, arrow indicates scale-covered proboscis.




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