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K.   Wing morphology 2.
          Wing types.


Triangular forewing of a geometrid.
Triangular forewing of a saturniid.


Trigonate (elongated triangle) forewing of a pyralid.
Trigonate forewing of a yponomeutid.

Elongate forewing of an elachistid.
Quadrate forewing of a tortricid.

Lanceolate forewing of an xylorictid.
Lanceolate forewing of an elachistid.

Linear forewing of a gracillariid.
Divided forewing of pterophorid.

Forewing apices.  From left to right: forewing of arctiine with rounded apex,
forewing of plusiine with acute apex, forewing of sphingid with falcate apex.

Forewing outer margins (of sphingids).  From left to right:
straight, evenly rounded, sinuate, irregular, and crenalate or waved.



Hindwing shapes from left to right: rounded hws of a lasiocampid and lymantriine, oblong hw of hepialid.


Hindwing shape and outer margins: rounded hw of uraniid with irregular margin, rounded
hw of lasiocampid with crenalate margin, quadrate hw of sphingid with straight outer margin.

Hindwing shapes from left to right: lanceolate hws of epermenid and elachistid, and linear hw of gracillariid.

Top: trapezoidal hindwing of gelechiid.
Bottom: dissected hindwing of alucitid.

Tailed hindwing of saturniid.



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