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M.   Leg morphology.
          Segmentation, specialized structures.

Prothoracic legs (forelegs) of a yponomeutid (left) and a lasiocampid (right).


Tibial 'claws' of prothoracic legs of an arctiine (left) and a heliothine (right).


Mesothoracic (middle) leg of plusiine noctuid (left) tibia with a single pair of spurs,
Metathoracic (hind) leg of same (right), tibia with two pairs of spurs.


Metathoracic legs of copromorphid showing loose dorsal hair.
Metathoracic leg of schreckensteinid showing dorsal spines.



Venter of a noctuine noctuid, close-up of metatarsus showing four rows of setae.





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