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N.  Body anatomy.
          Thoracic and abdominal structures.



Thoracic vestiture, from left to right: broad flattened scales, narrow strap-like scales, forked hair-like scales.



Scale tufts, from left to right: body without thoracic or abdominal tufts, body with a posterior thoracic tuft
(green arrow) and dorsal abdominal tufts (blue arrow), anterior thoracic tuft, and lateral abdominal tufts.



Metathoracic tymbols (sound producing organs) of an arctiid

Metathoracic tympanum (sound reception organs)
of a noctuid (left) and a notodontid (right).


Metathoraicic tympanum and close-up of
tympanic hood of a hypennine noctuid.

Abdominal tympana: geometrid (left), drepanid (right).


Abdominal tympana of pyraloids, from left to right: pyralid and crambid (tympanum
indicated by blue arrow); far right praecinctorium of crambid indicated by blue arrow.


Abdomen of a male noctuid showing claspers.

Abdomen of a female noctuid showing
papillae anales ('ovipositor lobes').



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