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Identification keys

    With more than 1,400 species of moths known from the Dakotas, and since a great many of these are not readily 'picture-matched', more technical keys are included as an additional aid to moth identification.  Every effort has been made to keep these keys 'user friendly' but there are instances where a dissecting scope is required, especially in the superfamily key, within the 'microlepidoptera' and the Noctuinae.  The three stage approach to identification taken on this web site: keys, photo gallery, species accounts, should enable the user to, even in difficult cases, come to at least a tentative identification.  Note that this facility will grow and improve as the web site develops. 


Key to the superfamilies and families of Lepidoptera

Key to the Sphingidae of the Dakotas.

Key to the Notodontidae of the Dakotas.

Key to the noctuid subfamily Plusiinae of the Dakotas.

Key to the noctuid subfamily Noctuinae of the Dakotas.

Key to the noctuid subfamily Arctiinae of the Dakotas.





Last updated: 04/14/09

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