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Identification key to the Plusiinae occurring in the Dakotas


    The Plusiinae are quadrifid noctuids (A) with the frons covered with scales (B), two tympanal hoods (C), and usually having anterior lashes (23 of 26) (D) and a metallic stigma in cell CuA2 (21 of 26) (E).  In addition, larvae of most species possess only three pairs of abdominal prolegs (23 of 26)









    The Plussinae are divided into three tribes, the Abrostolini, Argyrogrammatini and the Plusiini.  Only one species of the Abrostolini occurs in the Dakotas-- Abrostola urentis Guene.  The moth possesses all the structural characters pictured above except 'E'.  In general habitus, it is non-plusiine in appearance but is distinctive in possessing raised tufts or ridges of scales on the fw-- see illustrations below, then proceed to the key.


  Abrostola urentis Guene


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Last updated: 08/07/04

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