Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnegal 1766)

Common name: Ypsilon dart/ Black cutworm.

Hodges #: 10663.

Identification: Rfw 20.5 mm, fw with black wedge beyond reniform spot, hw in bright light with violet reflectance; frons smooth, male antennae with basal 2/3 bipectinate, filiform to apex.. 

Similar species: 10651, 10658, 10659, 10664, also 10915, 10924.

Distribution: cosmopolitan.

Hosts: recorded from more than 50 species of vegetables, fruit, and forage plants in North America.


ND, Cass Co., Fargo, NDSU campus.  8- IX- 1993. UV light, coll. G. Fauske.

larvae image

ND Pembina Co. ex sugar beet field 25- VIII- 2001, coll. M. Boetel, pic. G. Fauske.








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