Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Feltia herilis (Grote 1873)

Common name: Herald dart.

Hodges #: 10676.

Identification: Rfw 19.7 mm, fw without pale streaks in subterminal area, with pale reniform spot and area along cubital stem, orbicular spot round to U shaped.

Similar species: 10670, 10674, 10817, 10648, and 10651.

Distribution: southern Canada and United States.

Hosts: Larvae have been reported from more than 40 plant species including crops, forages, vegetables, and forbs.

Note: Larvae nearly identical to 10670, 10674 and host records of all three species mixed.


ND  Richland Co., Sheyenne Natl. grasslands.  West I allotment.  T135N R52W  Sec. 10.
Hg/UV lt.  15- VII- 2003.  G. Fauske.





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