Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Euxoa auxiliaris (Grote 1873)

Common name: Army cutworm

Hodges #: 10731.

Identification: Rfw 19.1 mm, a polychromic species– see illustrations, fw narrower than most other cutworm moths (wing shape similar to 10923, 4), antemedial line ‘zig-zag’ extending as far out on A1+2 as tip of claviform spot; hw under good light with pink reflection as in 10915; male harpe very short and rounded, sacculus extension angled upward and spatulate at apex.

Similar species: 10705, 10730, 10801, and 10923.

Distribution: northern Canada to northern Mexico and from the Pacific coast to the Great Lakes region, Missouri, and Texas.

Hosts: Larvae are cutworms on a variety of crops and are economically important on varieties of wheat, oats, and barley. Natural hosts are members of the Poaceae– grasses.

Note: This species is migratory, flying into the Rockies in early summer and aestivating at high elevations, moving back on to the plains in fall for egg laying.

SD  Minnehaha Co., Sioux Falls.  florescent lt.  20 - VI- 1976.  G. Fauske;

SD  Minnehaha Co., Sioux Falls.  florescent lt.  21 - VI- 1981.  G. Fauske..

SD  Minnehaha Co., Sioux Falls. florescent lt.  14 - VI- 1981.  G. Fauske.. 







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