Moths of North Dakota

Cosmopterigidae: Chrysopeleiinae

Walshia miscecolorella (Chambers 1875)

Common name: Sweet clover root borer.

Hodges #: 1615.

Identification: 6.95 mm, fw veins CuA1 and CuA2 arising separately from discal cell and directed to outer margin at origin, proboscis with scales, tibial epiphysis nearly as large as tibia, hw lanceolate.

Similar species: none in North Dakota.

Distribution: southern Canada south to Florida and Texas.

Hosts: larvae are stem borers in Melilotis sweetclover, Lupinus lupines, other Fabaceae, and also Cirsium vulgare (Savi.) Ten. Bull thistle.



moth image

MN, Polk Co., Agassiz Dunes SNA. 11- VI- 1998, Hg/UV lt., coll. G. Fauske


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