Moths of North Dakota



Sthenopis quadriguttatus (Grote 1864)

Common name: listed here as ‘Four-lined ghost moth.’

Hodges #: 20.

Identification: Rfw 46.6 mm, venation homoneurous, fw groundcolor brassy yellow brown, hws more orange (specimen illustrated has badly rubbed hws).

Similar species: 18, 19– these not known from ND.

Distribution: Northeastern U. S [and west].

Hosts: Unknown, a closely related species feeds on roots of Alnus spp.– alder.

Note: An unlabeled specimen in the North Dakota State reference collection probably came from Bottineau county.


moth image

ND, Ransom Co., A annex, Sheyenne Natl. grasslands. 15- VII- 1992. Hg/ UV light. Coll. D. Cuthrell, G. Fauske.


moth image

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