Moths of North Dakota

Sesiidae: Sesiinae: Synanthedonini

Podosesia syringae (Harris 1839)

Common name: Ash borer/ Lilac borer.

Hodges #: 2589.

Identification: Rfw 14.4 mm, moth is wasp-like with clavate antennae, metathoracic leg with 1st tarsal segment as long as tibia.

Similar species: 2532, 2536.

Distribution: southern Canada, southward to Florida and Utah with isolated populations in California and Washington.

Hosts: larvae are branch and trunk borers in Fraxinus pennsylvanicus Marsh. Green Ash and Syringa vulgare L. Lilac.



moth image

ND, Cass Co., south Fargo, reared ex. Fraxinus pennsylvanicus, emerged 12- VI- 1995, coll. G. Fauske, C. Locken.


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