Moths of North Dakota

Crambidae: Pyraustinae: Spilomelini

Nomophila nearctica Munroe 1973

Common name: listed here as ‘False webworm.’

Hodges #: 5156.

Identification: Rfw 12.6 mm, fw vein Rs4 arising from discal cell, fw gray with two dark patches or uniform brown, maxillary palpi white, proboscis with scales, ventral abdomen yellow-white with two pure white brown edged stripes.

Similar species: 5004, 5017.

Distribution: At least central Canada into Mexico.

Hosts: larvae are polyphagous on low plants including grasses, celery and sweet clover.


moth image

ND, Cavalier Co., Pembina gorge, 11 mi. W. Walhalla, 14- VIII- 2001, Hg/UV lt., coll. G. Fauske.


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