Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Sphinginae: Sphingini


Ceratomia undulosa (Walker 1856)

Common name: Waved sphinx

Hodges #: 7787.

Identification: Rfw 43 mm,  fw shades of gray with prominent black dashes, outer margin evenly convex.  Abdomen with lateral white and black markings tending to form stripes. 

Similar species: 7786, 7789-- see key.

Distribution: United States, and southern Canada, east of the Rockies.

Hosts: Major host in ND, Fraxinus-- Ash and possibly Quercus-- oak.

ND  Richland Co., Iron pond, Sheyenne Natl. Grassland. T135N R52W Sec. 8.  Hg/ UV lt. 5- VI- 1993.  D. Cuthrell.

MN, Hubbard Co., Nevis.  pic. J. Weber..


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