Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Sphinginae

Sphinx vashti Strecker 1878

Common name: Vashti's sphinx

Hodges #: 7803.

Identification: Rfw 36.5 mm, gray with white edged, black apical dash, discal cell suffused with whitish, st. line an inverted white 'V' or 'Y' with the stem near fw apex. Hw margin pale before fringe.  Thorax may be pale or dark.

Similar species: 7802, 7807, 7812.

Distribution: U.S. and southern Canada west of the Mississippi.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Symphoricarpos spp.--Snowberry.

Note:  The larva pictured has been parasitized by braconid wasps.  White ovals are cocoons from which the adult wasps will emerge.

ND  Richland Co., West I allotment, 3 mi. N Iron pond, Sheyenne Natl. Grasslands.  T135N  R52W Sec. 10.  Hg/UV lt.  12- VI- 1992.  G. Fauske.

MN, Clay Co.,  Buffalo River St. Pk. on Symphoricarpos sp. 3- VIII- 1988. pic. G. Fauske.



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