Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Smerinthinae

Pachysphinx occidentalis (Hy. Edwards 1875)

Common name: Western poplar sphinx.

Hodges #: 7829.

Identification: Rfw 64.8 mm, outer margin crenulate, transverse shades of two colors, brown and gray, fw with irregular pale triangle from tornus.  Hw scarlet, pink, or red.  Pro-tibia with setae fused to form apical 'claw.'

Similar species: 7822, 7824, 7828.

Distribution: western U. S. eastward onto the Great Plains.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Populus-- poplar, cottonwood and Salix-- willow.

Note: The moth occurs in two color morphs, that shown at right and a darker form similar to 7828. 

AZ  Cochise Co.,  nr Portal.  American Museum field station.  16- VII- 1985.  UV lt.  G. Fauske.



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