Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Macroglossinae: Dilophonitini

Erinnyis obscura (Fabricius 1775)

Common name: Obscure sphinx.

Hodges #: 7837.

Identification: Rfw 24.4 mm (male), fw outer margin convex in general course and shallowly crenulate between veins.  Fw  (male) with diagonal stripe, (female) blackish-gray, paler along costa and tornus.   Abdomen of both sexes without dark lateral rectangles.

Similar species: 7834.

Distribution: Uruguay and north to the Gulf States as resident, strays to New York, Michigan, Nebraska and ND.

Hosts: Larvae feed on climbing vine milkweeds of the genera Cynanchum and Philibertia-- both Ascelpiadaceae.

Note: A record of E. domingonis from the state is based upon a female specimen of this species.

male  FL  Bahia Honda Key.  7- VII- 1975.  B. Stiles.

female  no data.  1927.

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