Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Macroglossinae:

Amphion floridensis B. P. Clark 1920

Common name: Nessus sphinx.

Hodges #: 7873.

Identification: Rfw 20.9 mm, outer margin of fw irregularly toothed, hw with orange fascia.  Abdomen with narrow yellow band and fan-like terminal tuft.

Similar species: 7871.

Distribution:  United States and southern Canada east of the Rockies.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Vitis spp.-- grape.

Note: This species is a day flier.  Formerly widely known as Amphion nessus.

WI  Forest Co.,  Argonne.  5- VI- 1962.  coll. W. H. Elder.


MN Hubbard Co., Nevis, pic. J. Weber.


  Moth county records  






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