Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Plusiinae: Plusiini

Rachiplusia ou (Guenée 1852)

Common name: Listed here as 'Glossy gray looper moth.'

Hodges #: 8895.

Identification: Rfw 16.9 mm, fw shades of gray, highly glossy. All tibiae with spiniform setae.

Similar species: 8887, 8890, 8908, 8914, 6237.

Distribution: northern South America to southeastern Canada, absent from Pacific northwest..

Hosts: Larvae have been reported from: Chenopodium ambrosioides L. (Wormseed), Nicotiana tabaccum L. (tobacco), Trifolium spp.  (clover), Mentha spp. (mints), and Triticum aestivum L. (wheat).


SD Minnehaha Co., Sioux Falls,  28- VI- 1977, UV lt.  coll. G. Fauske.


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