Year    Degree                  Title of Thesis                                   Student


            1985    MS      Statistical Analysis of                                                Melanie L. Bengtson

                                    Monthly Precipitation and

                                    Streamflow in North Dakota


            1985    MS      Sensitivity Study of a Two-                           Christine L. Harwood

                                    Dimensional Model of Solute

                                    Transport in Groundwater Flow


            1986    Ph.D    Stochastic Analysis and                                 Lawrence H. Woodbury

                                    Modeling of Levels of Closed Lakes


            1987    MS      An Investigation of Ground-                          M. Balaraju

                                    water Quality Including

                                    Alachlor and Metalochlor Near

                                    Oakes, North Dakota


            1989    MS      MUPERS - A Digital Computer                    Jae-Wan Yoon

                                    Program Package for Flood

                                    Routing Using Muskingum Models


            1990    Ph.D.   Multiobjective Decision                                Ronald K. Williams

                                    Making in Municipal Water Use


            1991    MS      Hydrologic Budget Analysis for                    Craig Odenbach

                                    the Lower James River


            1991    MS      A Review of Interbasin Water                       Kenton Jensen

                        ( paper )          Transfers


            1991    MS      Characterization of Urban Runoff                 Louis P. Erdrich

                                    in the Fargo-Moorhead Area


            1992    Ph.D.   Linking Distributed Hydrologic                    Jaewan Yoon

                                    Models with Geographic                   

                                    Information and Database

                                    Management Systems


            1993    MS      Delineation of Wellhead Protection              Syed M. Ahsan

                                    Areas Using Finite Difference

                                    Ground Water Flow Models


             1994     MS   Characterization  of Residential                     Ravindra Vellanki

                                                Runoff in Fargo


             1994     MS   Vertical Nitrate Gradients in an                      Jon Patch

                                                Unconfined Aquifer


             1994     MS   An Investigation of Potential for                  Srinivas Repala

                                    Groundwater contamination from

 Pesticide Leaching


             1997    MS     Evaluation of Natural Attenuation for          Terry Etter

                                    Long-Term Groundwater Management


             1998    MS     Delineation of Capture Zones for                Ryan Nagel

                                    Moorhead, Minnesota Well Fields


              1999   MS     Feasibility of Stabilizing Sugar Beet            Russell Sorensen

                                 Tailings Through Windrow Composting                                                          


            1999   MS       Evaluation of the Moorhead, Minnesota,     Erik Jones

                                    Wastewater Treatment Facility User

                                    Charge System through the Use of

                                    Equivalent Flow Modeling


            2000   MS       Side-stream Ammonia Reduction in a           Ramgopal Ramisetty

                                    Wastewater Treatment Plant


            2003   MS       Effect of Grazing Intensity on the                 Chad Engels

                                         Hydrology of  Grassland Soils


            2005   MS       The Use of Stream Channel Dimensions       Brent Johnson

                                  for Estimating Flood Flows and Stages in

                                  the Red River Basin.