1999-2004   Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering and Construction.

                   North Dakota State University, USA


Guided the department through 2000 accreditation under EC 2000 criteria with very positive comments. Several curriculum development and improvement activities were undertaken and successfully implemented.


Although student evaluations are being used extensively for summative purposes, the need for some other method of review or evaluation to supplement it for strengthening its formative capabilities has been recognized for a long time. In response to this need, the university has established a peer teaching review system acceptable to the faculty and administrators. G. Padmanabhan, the chair, was a member of the University Peer Teaching Review Ad-hoc Committee which did the spade work to develop the system for the campus.


Responsible for developing and getting approved the Ph.D program in Civil Engineering. Also responsible as part of a group to establish interdisciplinary Ph. D programs in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Transportation and Logistics, and Natural Resources management. As a Chair, encouraged the faculty to participate in these programs in a meaningful mutually beneficial way.


As a Chair was responsible and instrumental for submission of proposals and obtaining funding for one university-wide major educational outreach to Native Americans, and two other scholarship programs.


As a Chair, encouraged professional societies student chapter activities in the department in a big and systematic way. As a result we have now very active ASCE, ITE, WEF, SWE, MRS, EWB, and AISES student chapters. Some of the chapters have won national awards.


As a first priority after assuming chairmanship, developed a strategy for increasing the visibility of the department. Now, the department has a high visibility on and off campus.




1.             Chairman of College of Engineering and Architecture Committee on Research and Extension (1981-1982).  Responsible for arranging technical presentations by faculty and others in the Faculty meetings. Initiated discussion on Research Activities Report in the College of Engineering and Architecture.


2.             Member of College of Engineering and Architecture Committee on Graduate Studies, 1982-1984.       Responsible for bringing out the first Graduate Student Activities Report.


3.             Member of College of Engineering and Architecture Executive Committee, (1988 - 91).


4.             Member, College of Engineering and Architecture Promotion, Evaluation and Tenure Committee (1992-1996 )

                Chair    (1994-1995)


5.             Member of PLATO Advisory Committee for Robert Perkins Engineering Computer Center,NDSU.


6.             Member of departmental committees on space utilization, computer applications and graduate seminar.  Responsible for promoting use of computers in Civil Engineering Courses and for developing Graduate Seminar Course.  Responsible for arranging several external speakers for the Seminar. Member of several adhoc committees formed now and then.


7.             Faculty Adviser for India-America Student Association (1982-1987) , (1990-1993  ) and 1995. Many cultural events were organized which attracted local community in sizeable numbers.


8.             Secretary, Department Faculty Meetings (1985-1988).


9.             Member, Graduate Council (1987-1990).  Actively involved in graduate program reviews.


10.           Member, Coordinating Committee, Tricollege University Center for Environmental Studies (1987- 1993).


11.           Member, Biota Transfer Technical Advisory Committee, North Dakota Water Resources    Research Institute, Biota Transfer Program (1988- 1996).


12.           Member, Natural Resource Management Graduate Program Committee (1988-     ). 


13.           Member, International Advisory Council, North Dakota State University(1989- 1998 )


14.           Member, Laboratory and Chemical Safety Committee, North Dakota State University (1990 - 1995 )


15.           Chair, CEA Ph.D Program Review Committee 1994-1995.


16.           Chair, Search Committee for the structural and environmental positions in the department 1995-1996.




                        Has served as a Member in        


                                                University Senate

                                                Safety Committee

                                                                Research and Consulting Committee

                                                Faculty Lectureship Committee

                                                Natural Resource Management UG and G program Committee

NDWRRI Interbasin Water Transfer Study Program TAT