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Prospective Graduate Students

*I am currently looking for new graduate students on a specific project*

I am part of an inter-disciplinary team looking at various aspects of managing soil salinity with cover crops.  We are currently looking for graduate students to join our team.  Click here to learn more.


More information

Before applying, I strongly encourage you to visit this page for a little bit more about my perspective on graduate school:

More information about NDSU and the surrounding area are available at

Use the tab on the bottom of the page to learn more about my lab and ongoing research.


Other opportunities.

I am always seeking to recruit highly motivated students to pursue graduate degrees in Entomology (either MS or PhD) studying insect ecology in agroecosystems. However, the above project is the only opportunity I have funding for at this time.  If you are interested in other projects we would have to find funding for you before we could consider you joining the lab.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for undergraduate students to get a hands-on experience with scientific research during the school year and over the summer. I particularly welcome and encourage students to experience the full scope of the research experience from coming up with a question, through experimental design and implementation, and then analysis and publication.