Dr. Kalpana Katti


My Teaching Philosophy:

A good teacher is just two things, knowledgeable and caring. I try to stay as knowledgeable as possible and I am always caring.



CE 309 Fluid Mechanics

CE/ME 486/686 MNT 730   Fundamentals of nanotechnology and nanomaterials (taught every spring)

NDSU student conference on nanotechnology

CE 725 Biomaterials: materials in Biomedical Engineering (taught every fall)

CE111 Introduction to civil engineering  (Fall 2002)

Univ 189 Skills for academic success  : (Fall 2002)

(Note: course not on CourseInfo yet)

 CE 720 Continuum Mechanics (Fall 2001)


Dr. Kalpana Katti

Department of Civil Engineering

North Dakota State University

Fargo, ND 58105 USA

e-mail: Kalpana.Katti@Ndsu.Nodak.Edu