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Cell Growth, Cancer and Oncogenes

Animals are multicellular organisms that require the normal function of all the organs of the body. These organs are developed from different tissues and each of the tissues are products of cell division. For the body to function normally, the organs and tissues must communicate to control the development of the cells and tissues. Otherwise, uncontrolled cell growth in one part of the body could infringe on the development of other cells or tissues. Then the normal functions of the individual would be seriously impaired. Research over many years has shown that these control networks have a strong genetic component. This research has recently benefited from the study of the oncogenes of retroviruses and related protooncogenes that are found in animals.

Oncogenes have been shown many times to be associated with cancer and uncontrolled cellular growth. This growth can lead to tumors. Two types of tumors exist. Malignant tumors can induce secondary tumors by the release of cells that can lodge and begin growing in another location of the body. Benign tumors are cells that remain in the initial location.

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