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Human Oncogenes

How Oncogenes Cause Cancer

Tumor Suppressor Genes

Cancer Genes in the Human Genome

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Study Questions

  1. What are the factors that control the cells entry into the M-phase of the cell cycle?
  2. How have cdc mutants been helpful in determing
  3. What cellular events are associated with the dephoshporylation of the p34 protein kinase during the yeast cell cycle?
  4. Discuss the features of the universal control mechanism regulating entry into the M-phase of the cell cycle?
  5. Describe the structural features of a "typical" retrovirus?
  6. What different functions have been attributed to the oncogenes found in different retroviruses?
  7. How was it determined that the human genome contains counterparts to the oncogenes found in retroviruses?
  8. Discuss the different molecular mechanisms that have been shown to activate the expression of human oncogenes.
  9. What role is played by the retinoblastoma and p53 tumor suppressor gene in controlling the onset of cance?
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