Central Dogma of Molecular Genetics

Restriction-Modification Systems of Bacteria

Cloning Vectors

cDNA Cloning

Clone Library Screening

DNA Sequencing

Southern and Northern Analysis

Exons and Introns

Polymerase Chain Reaction (or PCR)

Study Questions

Cloning and Molecular Analysis of Genes WWW Links

Genetic Topics

Study Questions

  1. What are the basic features of the restriction-modification system found in bacteria?
  2. Describe the features that distinguish plasmid, phage, lambda, BAC and YAC cloning vectors.
  3. Describe the essential steps for obtaining a clone of a specific fragment of DNA.
  4. What are the different types of information that you would obtain from performing a Southern or Northern hybridization.
  5. How would you describe the relationship between exons, introns, the gene and its mRNA?
  6. Describe the essential steps of the polymerase chain reaction.
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