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Study Questions

  1. How does the study of genes in a population at large differ from studying genes in a known segregating population? What unique questions are addressed when studying the different population types?

  2. You encounter a population of 540 plants at your favorite "Waldon Pond" and notice that the plants have either purple or white flowers. As a budding biologist your figure out the species is Myus favoritus. You then go to the library and after careful study find that purple is dominant to white. You next look at the plants and count 501 purple flowered plants. What is the frequency of the purple and white alleles in this population? How many of the plants are heterozygotes?

  3. What does the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium state about the frequencies of alleles in a population from generation-to- generation?

  4. What are the effects of mutation, migration and selection upon gene frequencies?

  5. Describe the four tenets of Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection.

  6. How does cladogenesis and anagenesis differ?

  7. Discuss the differences betwen allopatric, parapatric and sympatric speciation.

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