1. Lab Safety

    1.1 Safety Training:

      Click here.

    1.2 Lab Safety Checklist

      Lab Safety Checklist is done by the PI or safety coordinator monthly.

      Download: Lab Safety Checklist


2. Facility Use Schedule

    Click here.

    Instruction: (1) Log in and find the facility you are going to schedule, (2) click on the time slot, (3) choose date, begin time and end time, and input your name in the "Title of Reservation", and (4) click "Create" to complete your scheduling.


3. Document Upload/Download

    3.1 Group meeting and individual discussion: (ndsunano)

         Click here to upload your group meeting report or document for individual discussion.


    3.2 Other materials: (ndsunano1)

         Click here to upload or download materials for group-wide use.


4. Resources

    Click here.