COMM 242, Advanced News Photography (Photojournalism)

Instructor: Ross Collins

Final exam review 2012

The exam comprises 35 multiple-choice questions based on the topics below. Several questions will be also taken from the midterm exam.

1. What is the difference between the additive and subtractive color generating system?

2. What is RGB? What is CMYK?

3. What is the color harmony system? Explain the three properties.

4. Where can one legally take photographs in the United States without permission?

5. What must you do legally to use a photo for advertising?

6. Why do editors insist on identification of subjects in cutlines?

7. Name two famous war photojournalists. What wars did they cover?

8. Name the most famous photojournalism magazine of all time, launched in 1936.

9. "News photography" covers what kinds of events?

10. What is the difference between duty-based ethics and consequence-based ethics as it relates to photojournalism?

11. Explain subject and background manipulation.

12. Describe two things sports editors want to see in sports photography.

13. What are the sports photography "big three?"

14. How can we evoke a "sense of place" in travel photography?

15. White light of a higher color temperature shifts toward which area of the spectrum?

16. Explain the halftone process for printing photographs.

17. What can a photographer do, and what can't he/she do, as it relates to U.S. trespassing laws?

18. How does U.S. libel/privacy laws relate to photographing a public figure?

19. How did the invention of the 35mm camera make modern photojournalism possible?

20. Name three photojournalism clich├ęs to avoid.

21. Describe three principles needed to learn the "art of seeing" for photographers.