COMM 242, Advanced News Photography (Photojournalism)

Diagnostic Quiz

1. How do f-stops and shutter speeds affect a photo?
a. control the focus of the subject.
b. control the amount of light reaching the film.
c. control the contrast of a photo.
d. control the color balance of a photo.

2. Which controls the ability of the camera to stop action in moving subjects?
a. f-stop.
b. shutter speed.
c. zoom lens.
d. motor drive.

3. Photojournalists may differ from other photographers in that they
a. emphasize scenic photos and large vistas.
b. emphasize studio photography controlled lighting.
c. emphasize photography of people in natural situations.
d. always use natural lighting.

4. “Contrast” in photography refers to
a. strong differences between dark areas and light areas, with few tones in between.
b. weak differences between dark areas and light areas, with many tones of gray in between.
c. use of fluorescent lighting.
d. sharply focused images.

5. What is absolutely necessary for all photojournalism-style pictures?
a. horizontal format.
b. artificial lighting.
c. cutlines.
d. electronic flash.

6. Why do photojournalists try to avoid direct flash on camera?
a. Inconvenient.
d. Expensive.
c. Too bright.
d. Harsh, one-dimensional lighting.

7. Photoshop software can be used for all of these EXCEPT:
a. color balance.
b. enhancing focus.
c. controlling contrast.
d. sending images digitally.