Lectures and tutorials

COMM 330, Basic Photography for Mass Media

Instructor: Ross F. Collins, professor of communication, North Dakota State University, Fargo.

Ross Collins photography

Class Resources

Diagnostic quiz: What do you know?

Lecture synopses.

F/stop exercise.

Midterm exam review questions.

Final exam review.

Tutorials and presentations

PowerPoint presentations.

Ten practical principles for photojournalists.

Handy elements of composition illustrated.

Qualities of light illustrated.

A brief introduction to color theory.

A brief history of photojournalism and photography.

A portfolio of great photographs.

Ways to see (video presentation).

Ross's photo galleries.

How to develop and print in a traditional darkroom. (Includes three videos.)


Student Work

Photo poster 2015 New! Student Life: North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2015.

Student life 2014. Student Life: North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2014.

Student life poster 2013 Student Life: North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2013.

Poster of student work.Student life: North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2012.

The life of a campus: North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2008.

Student portfolios (2004)

Student portfolios (2002)

Photoshop tutorials for photographers (CS6 for Macintosh):

Photoshop Lesson One.
Image size, resolution, crop, file formats, organizing in Bridge.

Photoshop Lesson Two.
Levels/curves, dodge/burn, dust and scratches, sharpening. Quick tip: fix flash-on-camera.

Photoshop Lesson Two(b).
An alternative workflow using Camera Raw.

Photoshop Lesson Three.
Selecting, cutting, cloning, content-aware fill, sharpening, gaussian blur, image modes.
Quick tips: straighten a horizon line; add bokeh.

Photoshop Lesson Four.
Cutting, pasting, erasing, color balance, fill flash

Photoshop Lesson Five.
Working with type.

Photoshop Lesson Six.
Layers, red eye removal, improving skin tones.

Photoshop Lesson Seven.
Create a montage.

Photoshop Lesson Seven(b).
Create a poster.

Photohop Lesson Eight.
Nip and tuck.

Photoshop Lesson Nine.
Deleting backgrounds, replacing backgrounds.

Photoshop Lesson Ten.
Working in black and white.

Photos for practice:

Cairo 1998 (B & W).

Wabakimi wilderness, 2006.

Rome, 1989.

Washington State, 1982.

Staff, 1998.

Club moss, 1976.

Limerick, 1980.

Dijon, 1983.

Scotland, 1989 (B & W).

Nutmeg, 2006.

Al 1997.

Ross 2001.

Sarah 1999.

Exam photos:

Man and flower.

Boats on the Nile.

Egyptian taxi driver.

Midterm exam photo.

Final one.

Final two.

Final three.

More resources:

Free Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners by Stephen Hockman.

Syllabus archive:
COMM 230 syllabus (pdf).
COMM 242 syllabus (pdf).
COMM 330 syllabus (pdf).

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