COMM 242, Advanced News Photography (Photojournalism)
Instructor: Ross Collins

These portfolios represent work completed by North Dakota State University's communication department students spring semester 2004. Students were invited to include a short biography, if they wished.

Erika Elizabeth Graff

Erika Graff graduated in Spring 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mass communication, and a minor in psychology. She has moved to Minneapolis to pursue a career in public relations.

Alex and his new buddy strum their air guitars as "Vindictive" plays at NDSU's Battle of the Bands.

Lead singer of "Vindictive" strikes his last chord of the set at "Battle of the Bands."


BreeAnna Hanson


Mom and Dad.


Tyler Hagerott

Made me look up.

Danielle Sailor.


Rebecca Ingraham

Pacifico Brewery in Maztalan, Mexico.

Spring Blast Volleyball Tournament--Bison Ambassadors vs. Two on the World.


Heather Klefstad

Grandpa and Kelland.

North Fargo.


Travis Kroh

I like to think of myself as a right-brained computer geek, combining a bit of art in as many facets of my otherwise totally technical field of computer science as I can. I'm a web developer, a blogger, a photographer, and a movie and music geek.

The Strip, Las Vegas.

Overhead walkway, North Dakota State University.


Matthew R. Perrine

Let it be...again: A contemplative shot of junior Amy Oster looking out an upper-level Memorial Union window.

Trompe le monde: An aerial view of junior Amy Oster using the coin lockers outside of the Memorial Union's Varsity Mart.


Megan Pinke

I am a junior majoring in university studies at NDSU. I am emphasizing on communication and university relations, with plans to go to graduate school for student affairs. Photography is a hobby that I have stuck with through the think and the thin in my life. The people in my life who really know me know that I take my camera with me everywhere when I want to remember my experiences. Most of my work comes from catching people in a moment or shooting something meaningful to someone. I have done work for the Gold Star Band, the Department of Residence Life, Tau Beta Sigma Sorority and the Frazee Forum.

Temperatures got down to -30 degrees yesterday, after yet another snowfall.

NDSU students Matt Busch, Jodee Elhard, and Ikania Kaale discuss what’s next for the Residence Hall Association.


Tara Schumacher

Tara Schumacher is a mass communication major, French minor at NDSU. She has traveled to six countries and loves writing. Photography is a treasured pastime of hers and she enjoyed taking the course.




Charles Sterling

Charles is a senior majoring in mass communication and international studies, with a minor in history.

Day merges into night on Main Street in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Smiles are the order of the day, at NDSU's Band Day.


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