Kari Gauslow

I was raised on a small town in rural North Dakota. I have a passion of people, and love to interact with
them. I am currently pursuing a career in PublicRelations, and would like to someday work for a large

Aaron Kleingartner of Gackle, North Dakota, feeds the two baby calves that were abandoned by their mother in
spring calving.

Amazing the crowd at the 2002 FABO fashion show, Brandon does a handstand to wrap up the show.

Even the bottom of the Great Northern Resturant of Fargo, North Dakota, water tower has interesting

As the days get longer, so do the shadows, such as this one cast by a fence on Broadway
Fargo, North Dakota.

Deserted farmsteads are becoming a more common accurance on the plains of North Dakota, such
as this one in Gackle, North Dakota.

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