Sarah Sellnow

I was raised in central Minnesota in a very small town with two older brothers. I love to take black and white pictures, usually in the winter outside. I very much enjoy taking pictures of the Minnesota winters, but also enjoy all other seasons. Basically, I just love to be outdoors.

This picture is of Jennifer Ogaard. The picture was taken at her home just a few weeks before she moved. She shows her love for music very well.

This picture is taken at a Bison baseball picture. The player is very intent into the game, showing great action in the picture.

The picture seen here is in southern Iowa. It shows a mild, but wonderful spring day with nature in the background of the beloved farm equipment.

While enjoying a nice spring day, the man shown in this picture was taken a bit off guard when the picture was taken.

This picture shows a great deal about me. It has my two favorite elements in it, black and white photography, and a Minnesota winter. The picture was taken in central Minnesota.

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