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Spring 2009

Jan. 21--This week we'll be finishing general considerations about editing and what an editor does, and begin work on proofreading and AP style. Be sure to prepare by reading those sections indicated on the syllabus.

Jan. 26--This week we'll be concentrating on AP style and grammar. Please complete the readings and book chapters as assigned in the syllabus. Next week, as noted in the syllabus, I'll be in London to work on an exchange program between NDSU and a university there. I'll have some assignments for you to do next week in place of class, as well as a guest lecture one day. By Friday, I'll let you know what will be happening.

Jan. 30--I'll be out of town next week, as noted in the syllabus, but Monday we'll have a guest lecturer, Lisa Gulland-Nelson. She has a media background, and so will be talking about internships and portfolio preparation. Please do her the courtesy of coming to class, even though I won't be there. Wednesday and Friday we will not meet, but instead you'll have a fun project. This is an actual exam used by a national media company, Dow Jones, to evaluate the skills of applicants for editing positions. Complete the exam as best you can, using your text, the class web site, and other resources, and hand in Monday for grading. (Hint: to count headlines, see Lecture 14. ) Try to do it in one hour's time, to challenge yourself. Worth 15 pts.

Feb. 23--This week we'll finish the copy editing section of the course, and begin work on headlines. Next Monday we'll review for the midterm, set for Friday, March 6. Be sure to review your daily assignments for this exam.

April 3--I'm not sure if I will remember y'all after three weeks off, but hoping we'll get reacquainted, here's what's happening for the rest of the semester. We won't have time to cover typography (Reading 15) in class, but be sure to study this material, as it will be on the final exam. Also study readings 16-18. We will cover copy control in class, but we'll go over it quickly, so you'll need to study the readings more closely. We may not have time to finish all the publication exercises using InDesign, but we'll definitely produce a broadsheet and newsletter, so you have experience putting together complete publications. I think we'll still be able to cover all the things you need to know for publication editing. We'll just have to do it faster.

April 16--Friday we'll begin the tabloid editing/makeup exercise using InDesign. I'll begin with a class demonstration, and then you'll have the rest of the time, along with Monday, to work on it in class (due Wednesday, April 22). We'll work as editing teams of two. Here are the teams (set up at random):

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