Section Two, Activity One

This is an introductory hed counting exercise for on-line students who don’t have access to PageMaker or InDesign software, so can’t use the count guide.

Count these heds: how many units to each line?

Note: it’s easiest to begin by counting all units as 1, including spaces. Then:
lower case f, i, j, l, t = 1/2 unit.
lower case m and w = 1 1/2 units.
spaces = 1/2 unit.

All upper case letters are 1 1/2 units, except:
upper case m and w = 2 units.


Bishop, wife find ___

strength to face ___

personal tragedy ___


Registered nurse proposal ___

draws differing reactions ___


O'Conner ___

questions ___

judges ___


Letters warn of obscenity violations ___


MPCA to consider ___

cleanup proposal ___


Woman holds ___

wedding in ___

hospital room ___