Stamp flyer.COMM 362, Design for Print:

Balance exercise

Redesign the flyer at left to shift its formal balance to a more dynamic (asymmetrical) balance. Also consider ways to add emphasis. Copy:

North Dakota State University

Stamp Club

Explore the world through stamps!

History, culture, design on a miniature canvas.

Stamp collecting can provide many hours of fascination--not only as art and culture, but as investment.

Bring you stamps and your curiosity to our next trading bourse April 12 at the Room of Nations. Learn more about the king of hobbies, and the hobby of kings!



The stamp on the left sells for $110. The stamp on the right recently sold for $32,000. Find out why at the next NDSU STAMP CLUB MEETING!

Download photo: Scott # 11, 5.

Stamps 11 and 5.