Using Bridge to make a slide show (Bridge 2020)

Instructor: Ross Collins, North Dakota State University

Okay, now on to some more cool stuff, of which Bridge has a plethora (I always wanted to find a use for that word). Most photographers or designers nowadays like to assemble portfolios of jpg slide shows, The slide show option in Bridge offers a quick alternative to creating a PowerPoint show if you have no need for the text.

1. In Bridge, Assemble a folder or highlight the photos or designs you want to use for your show.

Hold down shift key to choose multiple photos; choose a whole line by just choosing the first thumbnail, holding down Shift, and choosing the last thumbnail.

2. Still in Bridge, choose Slide Show Options from the View pulldown menu. Or, if you just want to leave the default options, choose Slide Show.

3. Tah-dah! You have a slide show. You can edit your show on the fly by hitting the "h" key to bring up the edit menu.

4. Change the template, title, descriptions etc as necessary in the Output dialogue box (scroll down for more options).

Note on creating slide show galleries for the web: Bridge used to offer a simple and useful tool to create photo galleries. Adobe removed it from 2020 version, much to the consternation of many photographers and designers who loved it. It required Flash software to work, and that is being phased out, alas. I have kept an old version (CS6) of Bridge. If you'd like to create a slide show to save for web upload, and have access to an older version of Bridge, here are instructions.