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COMM 362, Design for Print

Instructor: Ross Collins

First InDesign exercise: Build a formal certificate.

(CS5 for Macintosh.)

1. From File pulldown open New and Document, Facing Pages toggled off, landscape orientation.

2. With rectangle tool, draw border around margins. Save document!

3. From the Stroke panel, change rectangle style to thin-thick-thin, weight about 10 pts.

4. Draw text frame. Type Certificate of Merit, Engravers or other appropriate typeface, about 36 pts, centered.

Note: Be sure to keep your text frames fitting snugly around your text. Avoid large overlapping text frames.

5. Draw second text frame. Type The North Dakota State University Department of. Set 14 pt Adobe Caslon bf (boldface), centered.

6. Draw third text fame. Type Communication. Set about 72 pt Edwardian script, or equivalent, centered.

7 Draw fourth text frame. Type upon proper verification certifies that. Set Caslon semibold 14 pt centered.

Certificate showing frames.8. Choose Line tool. Leave some space, draw a 1 pt. line, centered. Pull down a guideline, if necessary.

9. Draw fifth text frame.Type has successfully enrolled in Design for Print taught by Ross Collins, and is entitled to all related rights and responsibilities thereof. Caslon semibold 14 pt, centered.

Note: if the frame edges become bothersome (see illlustration at right), you can turn them off. Choose View pulldown, Extras, and Hide Frame Edges.

10. In the pasteboard draw a circle (ellipse tool; find under rectangle tool) about 12 p in diameter. While drawing, hold down Shift key to constrain shape to a perfect circle, and not an ellipse. With circle still selected, open color panel at right. Choose NDSU green to fill the circle. Drag and center circle on document.

11. Delete black circle border to leave just the green fill: go to stroke panel, choose 0 pts.

12. Again in the pasteboard, Draw a text frame; type NDSU, all caps. Choose a fat typeface, such as Rockwell, about 30 pt, and center.

13. Reverse this text: with text frame chosen, click on the white color on Color panel color ramp. The text will seem to disappear, because it becomes the same color as the background.

Glyphs panel.14. Drag this text into your green circle. It will reappear. Center.

15. Draw another text frame in pasteboard. Open the Glyphs panel, under Type pulldown menu. At bottom of panel, change typeface to Zapf dingbats.

16. Choose a dingbat as appropriate for the top of your document. Drag over it in text frame, increase to about 48 pt, centered.

17. Drag dingbat into your document at top. Center.

18. Type your name on the line, any typeface, centered.

19. Proofread! Everything perfect? Save, export as pdf: Choose Export from pulldown, pdf.